Beginnings. CDJ Bulk Express is a 75 truck, over the road, end-dump fleet
located in West Columbia, SC. Founded in April of 1991, it is run by the
Popovich family. Founded by John & Dawn Popovich and includes both
sons; Johnny & Chad Popovich.

Organization. John Popovich is President, Dawn Popovich is CFO, and
Johnny is Vice President of Operations.

Growth. Starting out in the 90’s with just 2 trucks and growing steadily over
the next 25 years into the 75 truck fleet of Peterbilt tractors and MAC
frameless dump trailers that we run today. Excellent equipment is
something we are very proud of at CDJ so we strive to run a well
maintained fleet.  

Service. For 25 Years CDJ had hauled a variety of commodities for a
variety of customer. Being an effective and reliable carrier is what we are
known for. Mainly operation in the 28 states east of the Mississippi, but
occasionally going as far west as Texas. We go all-out to provide the best
service for our customers.

Reputation. Building our reputation on being hard working,
straightforward, tough, and cunning, when I comes to running trucks. We
expect a lot from our people, but we also give them back a lot in return.

Location. We have only one location in West Columbia, SC. We have
been at this location for over 20 years.

Drivers. Our drivers are the heart of our company. They do the job, they
interact with customers and the public and we do our very best to take care
of them and make sure they are happy and productive here. We get our
drivers home weekends and make sure they always have what they need
on the road.
101 Creekside Road
West Columbia, SC 29172
Phone: 803.822.8229
Fax: 803.822.8237
Toll Free: 800.955.4963